Why Are You Here?

by Andrew Davis
Why Are You Here?

The simple story that’s missing from your website…why are you here? Not metaphysically. But, why is your business located in THIS city?

Why have you chosen to build your business in THIS town?

Your “About Us” Page

I am willing to bet that the most under-served and un-interesting page on your website is your credit union’s “About Us” page. Core values that don’t mean anything litter these pages. It is a repository for vague mission statements and boring bios that do little to differentiate your credit union. It’s time to use this page to tell a story.

The Origin Story

We love a good origin story. An origin story is the back-story of a person, place or thing. It is the legend behind a comic book character, a corporation, product or even a sport.

When it comes to corporate origin stories, it would seem that a garage or a dorm room is one of the best places to build a successful business. Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, Google, Amazon, Disney, Yankee Candle, Harley Davidson, Mattel, Maglite, and Lotus all tell origin stories that start in someone’s garage and end with success. Facebook, Dell, and Microsoft are all purported to have started in dorm rooms. Read enough of these origin stories and you might think your business would be more successful if you move into a garage or find yourself a dorm room.

These kinds of stories are powerful. They are told and re-told. Great origin stories become legends. They become a piece of pop (or even corporate) folklore.

What’s your origin story?

WHY are you here?

We live in a global economy. We can get a loan or cash a check from anyone anywhere in the world. So why should I work with you?

One thing that’s unique to you and your credit union is the place you do business. In fact, too many of us underestimate the marketing power of the place we do business.

Why are you here?

Don’t tell me you are based in Austin because the lifestyle is great. Don’t tell me you’ve built your credit union in Tampa because the climate is beautiful. Tell me a story.

Ask yourself…”Why are you here?”

Tell your origin story and tie it to the place you and your members do business.

What’s your story?


Andrew Davis brings his distinctively unique style of high-energy and expertise as the emcee and master of ceremonies for CU Direct’s upcoming Drive ’16 Conference, May 17-18, in San Diego.  Here’s a sneak peak from Andrew on what’s in store during Drive ’16.

Davis has helped numerous companies create strategies that inspire customers to buy more, more often. In his 20-year career, he has worked for The Today Show, The Muppets and a variety of Fortune 500 brands. His latest book Brandscaping: Unleasing the Power of Partnerships, is one of Amazon.com’s Top 100 Marketing Books.


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