Start Showing Me You’re Different!

by Andrew Davis
Start Showing Me You’re Different!

The one thing that differentiates us as credit unions, we have something no one else in our industry has: a membership base. Everyone loves to be part of a club. But what are we doing to differentiate the experience we provide to our loyal membership base?

Stop telling me you’re different.

Take a few minutes to peruse the websites of the competitors in your market. Look at the local bank’s website. Check out the homepages of the other credit unions in your area. Read the “About Us” pages for the mortgage provider down the street. Now read your website. Are you using all the same phrases? Do you talk about the same points of differentiation?

I did this exercise for myself, and after looking at a dozen credit unions, every single one of them mentions their “superior service” as a key point of differentiation. Here are a few examples of the phrases I found:

  • “Service Excellence – we are a member-focused organization committed to exceeding expectations in everything we do.”
  • “We provide superior, personal service.”
  • “We are committed to higher-quality, personalized service.”

It doesn’t take long to realize that if everyone leverages “exceptional, personalized service” it’s not a differentiator.  It’s just noise.

Start showing me you’re different.

Instead of telling me you provide “higher-quality personal service” show me exactly how you do it.  How is your service actually different? Stop telling me you’re different and start showing me. Don’t worry about fixing the text on your web page (yet), instead spend some time thinking about the members you most recently acquired.

What have you done in the last 24-hours to prove to those new members that your service is different (and better) than everyone else’s in the marketplace? If it’s something everyone else does, then it’s not exceptional, superior, higher-quality, or different. It’s just service.

Now, do something different for your members.

What if…

What if being a member of your credit union felt different than being a member anywhere else? What if you started differentiating the experience for your existing members? What if those members started telling everyone else how your experience makes an impact in their lives?

Ask yourself…

What are you doing to show people you’re different? What can you do right now to show people your credit union is different instead of telling them?


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Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis - CEO, Monumental Shift