In Celebration of International Credit Union Day 2018

by Breanna Wallace
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In Celebration of International Credit Union Day 2018

On October 18, credit unions around the globe will be celebrating International Credit Union Day. Celebrated on the third Thursday of October since 1948, this event is an opportunity to recognize the credit union movement’s global impact and influence in local communities around the globe.

For International Credit Union Day’s 70th anniversary, this year’s theme is “find your platinum lining in credit unions”. This theme ties in the traditional gift of platinum for 70-year anniversaries, and highlights the positive impact credit unions have on their members. They go beyond finding members a silver lining, providing them with platinum-lined differences and service.

Credit unions continually work hard to help their members and communities, and have done so for generations. While it is ICU Day’s 70th anniversary, the credit union movement dates back much further: over 150 years. Today, there are more than 89,000 credit unions in 117 countries around the globe, providing numerous financial services to their members, and often working for positive economic and social change.

This Thursday, we celebrate the spirit of credit unions and their exemplary service to their members and communities. We also acknowledge our appreciation to those who have worked hard and dedicated themselves to the credit union cause, helping hundreds of millions of people find their “platinum lining” in credit unions.

Each year International Credit Union (ICU) Day brings people from credit unions worldwide together to celebrate their cooperative history and achievements, while promoting the growing international credit union movement.

How will you celebrate the credit union movement? Credit unions and members are encouraged to share their International Credit Union Day celebrations and stories on social media using the hashtags #ICUDay and #PlatinumLiningFound.

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