Next Generation Marketing Automation, Onboarding and Cross-Sell Helps CUs Drive Loan Growth

by Ken Burns
Next Generation Marketing Automation, Onboarding and Cross-Sell Helps CUs Drive Loan Growth

The Art of the New Deal in Automated/Integrated Marketing, Propensity to Purchase, and Member Retention.

Is your credit union doing enough to stay relevant with members, both prospective and current? Itís all about an integrated marketing program. And key to such a program is a marketing automation platform that encompasses onboarding and cross-selling. Keep reading to find out the rewards that can be gleaned from such efforts.

A key strategic objective of virtually every credit union today is to attract, acquire, engage and retain members. In the process, the goal is to make these members profitable as well as active participants in the credit union cooperative. Unfortunately, member data indicates that almost as many members leave the credit union as have joined in any given period. So how can credit unions ensure that they remain relevant to the member? Offering the right mix of products and services is vital to remain significant with members. But what we see as being the most pressing issue is not so much the product and services being offered. Rather, it the methodology, timing and frequency with which prospective and existing members are targeted, marketed to and communicated with.

Understanding the breadth of marketing automation and how credit unions can effectively integrate such platforms into their marketing strategy and operations has now become a best practice in the industry. Marketing automation, onboarding and cross-selling can become inspiring, and highly effective, experiences that transcend the traditional lines between marketing and IT while simultaneously encouraging creative collaboration across the organization.

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About the Author

Ken Burns
Ken is a seasoned financial services industry executive. Kenís vast experience and expertise includes successfully serving as CEO for three large credit unions, Bay Federal, Tech Credit Union, and Patelco. Ken has re-focused his credit union talents with Intuvo, a CU Direct company providing automated marketing programs and services to the credit union industry.